Real Shetland Wool

Shetland Wool Blankets


PhotoOur Real Shetland blankets are made out of 100% undyed Real Shetland wool with wool sourced only from the Shetland Islands.

Each travel rug, or throw, is 69" x 56" in size

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100% Real Shetland Wool, plain brown, including delivery (UK only)


Hoga - Real Shetland Wool Throw


100% Real Shetland Wool, brown-cream shades in check pattern, including delivery (UK only)


Brae - Real Shetland Wool throw


100% Real Shetland Wool, plain grey, including delivery (UK only)


USA Delivery

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REAL SHETLAND BLANKETS by The Real Shetland Company

The designs in our throw range were inspired by those originally produced by the small Shetland based Company, Thomas Adie & Sons. Permission from the family has been granted to make use of these travel rug designs, which are also in the new Shetland Museum. These blankets are of the very best quality, spun and woven in the United Kingdom.

Each travel rug is made using a combination of the range of natural wool shades; cream, brown, and greys. No dyes are used in any of our Real Shetland Natural Collection.

"Supplying Platinum Certificated 100% Real Shetland Wool products to the World"